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We are a Creative & Design Agency based in Tokyo, Japan

Ki-nu the rebirth of kimono and your gate to Japan.
Some of our projects

Ki-nu the rebirth of kimono and your gate to Japan.

Discover the modern approach to kimono with ki-nu, your Japanese brand created and inspired by designer Yoko-loco. http://ki-nu.jp/

Kisetsu | Bridging Japan and Vietnam.

At Kisetsu, we help companies grow sales by implementing inbound marketing strategies in both Japan and Vietnam. http://kisetsu.me/


The only comprehensive, free and unbiased Hoi An guide from Japan. http://hoian.jp/

About Us

Beyond Innovation

YX's concept is to live in an environment mixing art, fashion,web and technology.

We are a boutique agency comprising highly talented and extremely experienced industry consultants. We live and breathe art, fashion, web and technology.

YX is a full service Creative & Design Agency with offices in Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

YX Co. LTD || Beyond innovation

Fashion Design

Passionate and committed to creativity and originality in the field of brand development we look to collaborate with individuals and businesses who share our vision.

Web & Graphic Design

We always come up with great ideas -Beyond Innovation-, as we have experience in creating, developing, designing and sustaining websites. But first of all, we love what we do.

App Development

Empower your marketing strategy with mobile applications and feel the difference! Whether you need a simple app or highly complex and dynamic IOS app, we can deliver what you need.

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